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Woven Wire Mesh Sieve
Woven Wire Mesh Sieve

Woven Wire Mesh Sieves

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Woven wire mesh which is generally known as woven wire cloth is being manufactured by weaving particular diameter of wire strands in an over-under or under-over method to form different patterns with varying specifications. The Sieves which manufactured by using Woven Wire Cloth is called Woven Wire Mesh Sieves.

 Globetrek Engineering Corp. is specialized in manufacturing Woven Wire Mesh Sieves as per ISO 3310 or the equivalent ASTM standards, sieves consist of a solid stainless steel sieve frame of high stability for reliable sieving results. Paying proper attention to mesh-specific requirements, the sieve cloth is precisely joined into the frame and tautened. Globetrek Woven Wire Mesh  test sieve provides a clear and accurate results .

The sieves can be easily combined with all other sieve brands. Each sieve that leaves our company comes with a test report or, at your request, with a special inspection certificate in conformity with calibration certificates confirm a great number of precision measurements, thus ensuring an even higher statistical reliability for your quality control.

These Woven Wire sieves are available in different Diameters , Heights , Mesh Sizes & Various International Quality Standards. These are mainly Useful for particle size analysis of soil , Chemical Powder , Cement , Aggregates etc . Sieving is commonly used for Gradation and Particle Size Determination .

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